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Underwater Eruption Shows How Volcanic Islands Grow

From strange floating rocks to collapsing cones, an underwater eruption near Spain's Canary Islands last year was a rare chance for scientists to watch how volcanic islands are built. Full story

Tonight's Full Moon Is a Snow Moon: How to See It Online

For an extra-special view of tonight's (Feb. 25) full moon, don't just look out your window — tune in to a live webcast of the sight from a telescope in the Canary Islands. Full story

Five crew killed in Canaries cruise ship safety drill

MADRID (Reuters) - Five crew members died in an emergency drill on a cruise ship in the Canary Islands on Sunday, police and the cruise ship operator said. Full story

Watch the 'Hunter's Moon' live online

You can have a front-row seat for Monday night's (Oct. 29) full moon via a live webcast from the Slooh Space Camera, showing real-time views from an observatory on Spain's Canary Islands. Full story

Alien mammals on the rise in Europe

Whether they escaped from zoos or accompanied migrating nomads, invasive species from giant Himalayan bats and porcupines to house mice now account for 22 percent of mammals in Europe, a new study finds. Full story

Perseid meteor shower wows stargazers

A weekend meteor shower lit up the night sky with a fiery shooting star display to delight of stargazers and space photographers around the world. Full story

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Undersea eruption mimics climate change

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Five killed in rescue drill on cruise ship in Canary Islands
Five killed in rescue drill on cruise ship in Canary Islands

epa03577250 A rescue vessel is seen next to the overturned lifeboat of the 'Thomson Majesty' cruise ship at the pier where 'Thomson Majesty' cruise ship is docked at Santa Cruz de la Palma, Canary Islands, Spain on 10 February 2013. Five people were killed during a rescue drill on a cruise ship i

View of Perseid meteor shower
View of Perseid meteor shower

Veteran astrophotographer Roberto Porto snapped this spectacular view of a Perseid meteor over Mount Tiede National Park in the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa on Aug. 11, 2012 during the peak of the 2012 Perseid meteor shower. The Milky Way and rock arch Zapata de la Reina (Queen's Shoe

Fire forced town evacuation in southern Tenerife island
Fire forced town evacuation in southern Tenerife island

epa03308888 An helicopter tries to extinguish a fire in Vinaflor village, southern Tenerife island, the Canary Islands, Spain, 17 July 2012. The forest fire registred late afternoon on 15 July forced the evacuation of four towns and risking a nature reserve. EPA/CRISTOBAL GARCIA