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  Winter weather alerts for Great Plains, Midwest

‘Spring will have to wait awhile’

  Millions are under a winter weather advisory as severe storms charge through the South and bring snow to parts of the Great Plains and into the Northeast. Weather Channel meteorologist Eric Fisher reports.

Feb. 25: Nightly News Monday broadcast

  Scandal takes center stage after Pope steps down; Sequester showdown: but why no action?; Great Plains states pummeled by winter storm; Kerry faces pressure from Syrian rebels; C. Everett Koop, former surgeon general, dies at 96; Earache? Antibiotics may not be the answer; Mediterranean diet can low

Plains states threatened by strong winter storm

(Reuters) - A powerful winter storm threatened the U.S. southern plains states on Monday, promising a mix of rain and snow that was likely to bring heavy snowfall to southeastern Kansas and central Missouri from Monday night to Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service said. Full story

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  Obama sees another historic night

NBC’s Tom Brokaw joins Andrea Mitchell Reports to discuss the significance of the 2012 election.

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