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Hungary sludge death toll rises, risk said to ease

Pollution levels from a red sludge spill in Hungary have subsided in the Danube and there is no risk of a biological or environmental catastrophe in the major European waterway, Hungarian officials said on Friday. Full story

Are batteries bad for the environment?

The wireless world we live in runs on batteries.  That fancy smart phone is nothing more than a few ounces of dead weight in your pocket without a charged battery. That iPod can’t utter a sound when its battery drains the last drop. Even laptop power cords feel like restrictive leashes, holding us b Full story

Parents warned about Chinese-made jewelry

America's product safety agency has issued an unprecedented warning to parents: Don't give your children cheap Chinese-made metal jewelry. And if they already have some, toss it because it could contain hazardous levels of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. Full story

Another chain pulls kids’ toxic jewelry

A second international chain store, Claire's, said it is pulling from shelves jewelry  for kids that lab tests show contained high levels of the heavy metal cadmium, which can hinder brain development and cause cancer. Full story

Walmart pulling toxic jewelry cited in report

The top U.S. consumer product regulator is warning Asian manufacturers not to substitute other toxic substances for lead in children's items, following a government investigation into Chinese-made jewelry that lab tests showed was laden with the heavy metal cadmium. Full story

Popular kids’ trinkets loaded with toxic metal

Some Chinese manufacturers have been using dangerous heavy metal cadmium in sparkling charm bracelets and shiny pendants being sold throughout the United States. Full story

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Feds probing chemical levels in Zhu Zhu toys

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