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Forum gives voice to Democratic disappointment

First Read: What was captivating about yesterday’s CNBC town hall with President Barack Obama was that it gave voice - from real people - to the reason why his party faces the possibility of big losses on Election Day.

The middle strikes back

First Read: After Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell’s victory last week, the middle of the Republican Party is now raising its voice.

An uncertain end to an unpredictable primary season

First Read: The primaries season continues to roll along on its seesaw course, with key races, such as the GOP Senate race in Delaware featuring Tea Party-backed candidate Christine O'Donnell

Live-blogging Obama's press conference

First Read offers news and analysis during the eighth news conference of Obama's presidency.

First Read's Top 10 Senate takeovers

According to First Read's list, Republicans -- right now -- would gain a minimum of five seats.

The press conference: What to watch for

First Read: What could be very revealing is if (and how) Obama sums up his presidency so far.

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Now, that's political passion

First Read: Top 10 election season events

Be first to know what's happening in D.C.

2010's Top 10 political upsets (so far)

First Read: Domenico Montanaro


  The Koch Brothers try to stop the Tea Party

Tea Party leaders in Georgia support an expansion of solar power in the state. A group funded by the Koch Brothers, who themselves fund Tea Party groups, is trying to stop the expansion. Chris Hayes talks to Tea Party Patriot Debbie Dooley about her fight over solar energy.

  GOP shields Rubio on immigration

The New York Times reported that major Republican donors are coming to Sen. Marco Rubio's aid on immigration, launching ads focusing on the sections of the bill Republicans like.