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5 Ways to Keep Employees From Checking Out on the Job

Seven out of 10 employees are not engaged at work, according to recent research. Here are five ways to get your team engaged. Full story

Poll: Congress is unpopular. Are we surprised?

Congress’ job approval rating dipped slightly to 15% in the latest Gallup poll, just five points above the lowest approval rating the poll has ever record for the legislative body. Full story

DIGITS: 32 percent keep a household budget

It was an oft-invoked image on last year's campaign trail: The typical American couple, sitting around the kitchen table making a budget to ensure their bills were paid and spending hadn't gotten out of control. Candidates of both parties decried the federal government for failing to complete this m Full story

Poll: More Americans get their news from TV

TV remains popular way for Americans to learn what is happening in the world. Full story

Poll: Parents don’t want their children entering the political ring

Parents don't want their children - boys especially - jumping into politics where neither political side can agree. Full story

Study: 7 in 10 Americans hate their jobs

   A Gallup poll reveals that the majority of Americans hate their work or feel uninspired on the job, and that discontented workers cost $550 billion in lost productivity by spreading that negativity to others.

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  A permanent case of the Mondays?

A new Gallup poll surveying 150,000 workers found only 30 percent of employees are engaged in their jobs. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.