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Inside the Brain: Museum Exhibit Will Blow Your Mind

NEW YORK – Bars of light passing across a massive tangle of cables give the sense of being surrounded by crackling electrical signals and firing neurons as you enter the American Museum of Natural History's new exhibit here. Most people may visit the museum for the fossils, but this time they'll wan Full story

Quick brain scan could screen for autism

A 15-minute brain scan could in future be used to test for autism, helping doctors diagnose the complex condition more cheaply and accurately. Full story

Internet alters older brains in just one week

Adults with little Internet experience show changes in their brain activity after just one week online, a new study finds. Full story

Putting your love to the test

   May 18: A.J. Jacobs from Esquire magazine and neuroscientist Lucy Brown look at the results of a new brain scan that shows what the brain looks like in love.

New scan targets aneurysms

   Nov. 28: People with brain aneurysms often show no symptoms until it’s too late, but now a new type of 3D brain scan is enabling doctors to see the problem early so they can fix it in time. NBC’s Robert Bazell reports. 

Can brain scans get defendants off the hook?

More defense attorneys are seeking scans showing brain damage or abnormalities that might have made it difficult for their clients to control violent impulses. Full story

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