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Liberia's main opposition names presidential pick

Liberia's main opposition party says it has chosen a Harvard-trained lawyer to challenge the incumbent, a Harvard-trained economist and Africa's only female head of state, in an October poll. Full story

TODAY Moms: Crib notes: Welcome to the high-stakes world of preschool

It's not like you're trying to get your three-year-old into Harvard, it's just preschool. Or is it? The importance of preschool attendance as an indicator of future academic achievement has been documented lately (and they say two years is better than one). Full story

Economist on unemployment rate

   Harvard economist Jeff Miron stops by Morning Joe to provide analysis on the January unemployment rate, deficit and spending, and the news that J.P. Morgan Chase may have been complicit in the Madoff Ponzi scheme.

Natalie Portman

   Child star, Harvard grad, “Star Wars” queen and now a bona fide movie star with a baby on the way.

Fountain of youth? The science of anti-aging

   Popular Science's Ryan Bradley joins msnbc's Richard Lui to discuss the results of a new Harvard study that tracks aging in mice.

Tax cut deal a ‘pro-growth package’?

   Will the deal have a simulative effect on the economy? CNBC's Jim Cramer and Harvard economist Jeff Miron join Morning Joe to discuss the long-term impact of the president’s tax agreement.

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ConsumerMan: Warren takes on credit cards

Law school deans embrace Kagan for court

Factbox: Reaction to Obama court nominee Kagan mixed


  CEO Pay: Out of Control?

A recent Harvard study highlights the ratio of average CEO pay to average worker pay, with Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times, and Katherine Mangu-Ward, Reason Magazine.

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Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff speaks at a townhall discussion during a campaign stop in London, Ontario, March 31, 2011. Former Harvard academic and human rights champion Michael Ignatieff announced May 3, 2011 after an election drubbing that he was resigning as leader of Canada's once mighty Lib

In this photograph taken on March 18, 2011, Tibetan Prime Minister candidate Lobsang Sangey greets people in the street during his election campaign in Dharamshala. A 43-year-old Harvard scholar was elected head of the Tibet government-in-exile on April 27, 2011, leaving him the daunting task of