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Islamic Archetypes THE 99 Meet DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE In Oct.

While New York is embroiled in controversy over plans for a mosque near Ground Zero, one Muslim entrepreneur is hoping a group of 99 superheroes can challenge the perception of Islam among both non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Full story

The perils of eating fire in Saudi Arabia

Saudi artist Maher al-Luqman is always nervous when he goes on stage to eat glass and fire or to walk on nails, for fear the country's religious police will disrupt his show. Full story

Indonesian Islamists open front against Christians

Days after rumors spread across this industrial city that Christians were conducting a mass baptism, hard-line Islamic leaders called for local mosques to create a youth guard to act as moral police and put a quick stop to forced conversions. Full story

Saudi convicts young man for kissing woman in mall

A Saudi court convicted a man and sentenced him to four months in prison and 90 lashes for kissing a woman in a mall, a government-owned daily reported Thursday. Full story

Saudi youths in trouble over MTV reality show

Saudi Arabia's religious police are trying to bring to court three Saudi youths for challenging the kingdom's austere lifestyle on an MTV reality show. Full story

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