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Top 10 stylish cameras for the fashion-conscious
These point-and-shooters have the sensibilities of a true fashionista
Pick a photo printer that's right for you
Compare real print samples and decide how long you want prints to last
Cameras that have the best battery ‘juice’
Some are pocket cams, others have more full-fledged features
A focus on HD video at many different prices
It's easier than ever to shoot high-def using traditional-style cameras
No more one size-fits-all point-and-shooters
With this holiday guide, you'll find several choices for that special person
More in digital photography
More still cameras are also doing video
Recent models are starting to include the ability to shoot in high-definition
Sad development: The last Kodachrome film lab
Little Kansas town is now only place in the world to process once-iconic film
GPS phone apps challenge standalone devices
Google recently introduced a free app that calls out turn-by-turn directions
Analog camcorders: Almost retro
Digital dominates, and there are some good reasons for that
Nikon to stop making most film cameras
Planning to focus on digital photography

  Holiday Retail
Holiday Retail
Why we buy those crazy, ugly holiday sweaters
When Anne Marie Blackman isn’t attaching Christmas lights to unsuspecting knits, she’s sewing on furry Santas and searching for the tackiest, boldest, over-the-top vintage holiday wear she can find.

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