Image: Snow at White House
Gerald Herbert  /  AP
The White House looked wintry on Saturday.
updated 12/5/2009 5:06:05 PM ET 2009-12-05T22:06:05

Louisiana got its earliest snowflakes on record as people across the South and Northeast awakened to a dusting of powder.

Snow started falling in the region late Friday and continued into Saturday morning.

Snow also caused a few cancellations Saturday at Washington's Dulles International Airport.

The National Weather Service says several Louisiana towns reported two to three inches of snow. Photos posted online showed clumps of snow on otherwise brown yards — though many people scraped together enough for snowmen.

The storm also dumped three to four inches of snow overnight in parts of Mississippi. Tennessee and North Carolina reported light snow at higher elevations.

In northern Georgia, National Weather Service meteorologist Trisha Palmer said the light snowfall was "not that big of a deal."

Virginia also saw snow from a storm front heading into Maine.

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Video: Northeast gets first snow

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    >> behind you. the weather making news as the northeast gets hit with the first snowstorm of the season. here is a scene in new york's times square where you can barely see the bright lights and the skyscrapers tonight. the storm has already hit the southeast and even deep in the heart of texas opinion nbc's michelle franzen is just outside our studes on rockefeller plaza .

    >> reporter: old man winter has certainly arrived here in new york city and much of the east coast with a wintry, snowy, and rainy mix. it's part of a fast-moving system that has also delivered an unexpected blast of cold to other parts of the country. the east coast getting its first dose of snow this season from a blustery times square in new york city to washington, d.c., and the outlying suburbs in virginia.

    >> this is all ahead of schedule, but not unheard of to see snowfall accumulate this time of the year.

    >> reporter: it is unheard of in parts of the southeast.

    >> it's cold. stay in bed, grab your coffee, we're here for you.

    >> reporter: this morning in houston temperatures dipped to a low of 26 degrees breaking the record set in 1897 . it comes one day after a rare snowstorm dumped between 1 and 4 inches of snow in the houston area . kids and adults didn't seem to mind, even in a city that doesn't own a snowplow.

    >> it's awesome, it's crazy. like the city is shutting down.

    >> reporter: but in syracuse it's the lack of snow making headlines, a record streak. 283 days with only a trace of snow.

    >> they're the snowiest city in our country usually and they have yet to get an inch. now, houston hard had theirs.

    >> reporter: experts say what is happen something an el nino pattern with areas typically cold and snowy are warmer and wild weather swings occur.

    >> that's why new york city can be mid-60s one day and snowing two days later.

    >> reporter: in sioux falls , south dakota , they are making snow at the great bear recreation park , and in the south, residents in georgia and tennessee are flush in a wintry mix .

    >> we got grandchildren and you know how kids are about snow. but it's the wrong time of the week for most kids, you know. they want it during school time.

    >> reporter: they might get their chance. the pattern of unpredictable weather is expected to stick around for the next few weeks. and even though flow flurries are in the air in new york stshg, temperatures are not expected to dip below freezing. the snow is melting as quickly as it comes.


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