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    >>> now.

    >>> while some still insist the evidence just isn't convincing, others attending this week's global gathering on climate change say it's so late in the game, so much damage has been done, they fear they can already see how this ends. the leaders at this conference are making it clear it's going to take a lot more than changing a few light bulbs or driving hybrid cars. today there was an urgency in their voices, it's where we begin tonight. anne thompson in copenhagen . good evening.

    >> reporter: good evening, brian. this is about life or death. 192 countries are here in copenhagen to cut the carbon emissions changing the climate and threatening the very existence of some nations and their people.

    >> i'm a long way from home today.

    >> this woman pleaded for f u.iji.

    >> it is my hope that their lifetimes will never be affected.

    >> her words accompanied by 10 million people demanding action. over and over today, the u.s. conference delegates, countries must reduce their emissions. emissions for the planet.

    >> the clock has ticked down to zero. the time has come to deliver.

    >> reporter: the urgency over several e-mails, some scientists manipulated climate data. oil rich saudi arabia said the e-mails have shaken trust in the science of global warming . the man who leads the panel says the science is broad and consistent.

    >> the evidence has now been linked that the world will benefit greatly by early action .

    >> reporter: not by accident today, in washington, the epa ruled greenhouse gases threaten america's health and welfare .

    >> starting next spring, large emitting facilities will be required to incorporate the best available methods for controlling greenhouse gas emissions when they plan to construct or expand operations.

    >> reporter: the u.n.'s chief negotiator says the toughest issue is building trust among major economies. that all will truly reduce their carbon outputs.

    >> i think it's critical for the united states to see that china is stepping up to the mark. and it's critical for china to see that the united states is stepping up.

    >> reporter: the pressure is on, in less than two weeks, president obama and 109 other heads of states will come here for the finale of this conference raising the stakes even higher. brian?

    >> anne thompson starting us off in copenhagen , thanks.

    >>> now we move to health,


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