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TODAY in Afghanistan

Last week, President Obama announced that 30,000 more American troops are going to Afghanistan. TODAY’s Matt Lauer and Al Roker are going too, anchoring special broadcasts from the Afghan capital on Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 8 and 9. Lauer and Roker will spend time with American troops both on the ground and in the air, delivering the latest reporting from the war zone at a fateful time in the conflict.

President Obama details his Afghan war plan
Torn by conflict: Afghanistan’s tumultuous history
Key dates and momemt: The U.S. war in Afghanistan

Troop surge to focus
on Afghan south

  Dec. 9: NBC’s Jim Maceda reports on why a good number of the 30,000 U.S. troops being deployed to Afghanistan over the next six months will be heading to southern Afghanistan.


‘We’re all on the same page,’ Gates says

  Dec. 9: TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks with Defense Secretary Robert Gates about his meeting with Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai and how the troops are feeling about the president’s plan.

Life in Afghanistan

Afghans divided on U.S. presence

  Video: TODAY’s Matt Lauer asks the locals how they feel about American military presence in the country.


Daily life for Afghans in Kabul

  Video: The capital of Afghanistan’s population has grown from 300,000 to nearly 5 million since the war began.


New world for Afghan women

  Video: NBC’s Richard Engel reports on how life is now changing for Afghan women in suprising ways.

Photo features
Afghan Civilians Suffer After US Military Raid in Eastern Afghanistan
Getty Images

Scenes inside Afghanistan

  Images: Life in this war-torn country as seen through the eyes of children, elders and soldiers.

Image: U.S. Marines in Afghanistan

Soldiers on the front lines

  Images: Military men and women are fighting to suppress the Taliban and win over the Afghan people.

Image: Major Shannon Cole

Saving lives on the front line

  Images: Photographer Erin Trieb spends six weeks with the U.S. Army's busiest trauma center in Afghanistan.


Torn by conflict: Afghan’s history

Interactive: Explore and learn about Afghanistan's tumultuous and long history.

pool via AP

The U.S. war in Afghanistan

Interactive: Find out about the origins of the war, the battles, and struggle for stability

Image: Hope and daddy enjoying some fun at home before he leaves.
Michelle Hires

Tributes to loved ones

Interactive: Readers share photos of their family who are serving in Afghanistan.