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Charlie chats with Linus in the snow in this frame from ABC's "A Charlie Brown Christmas."
updated 12/8/2009 4:48:06 PM ET 2009-12-08T21:48:06

A Tennessee mayor is apologizing for writing on his Facebook page that President Barack Obama deliberately timed a speech last week to block the "Peanuts" Christmas special.

Russell Wiseman, mayor of the Memphis suburb of Arlington, also said the president is Muslim. Obama is Christian.

The Commercial Appeal reports Wiseman e-mailed the media Monday to say he regrets offending anyone with what he described as a "poor attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor amongst friends." He also says he allowed things to go too far.

The town issued a statement on its Web site saying the mayor's views do not reflect its official ideals and beliefs. Wiseman has since deleted his Facebook account.

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    >>> an unanimous phone call . next. but first, tonight's worst persons in the world. lebron's news model over there at fox noise . this is what happens when roger ails lets the news modelsed aed lib. if, she asks a conservative columnist, there's no federal money used to subdiz abortion for low-income women, doesn't that mean there will be more low-income babies? and do any of these amendments about the health care for them then? meaning that women do rely on subsidies often for abortion? she said, actually, no, they don't. no low-income women pay for their own abortions and that won't change. everybody move away from her and her conviction that the problem of this country is all those low-income babies. damned slacker infants. and clearly more than slightly off the tracks after his recent ratings plummet and that big total of 17 tickets sold to his movie in new york, comparing efforts to control climate change to, well, to everything, as usual. what kind of salem witch trials are we in? mccarthy , you call me mccarthy . no, no, don't you remember, mccarthy was part of the government with, the all-powerful government. for the first time in american history that i know of, and i know american history pretty well, for the first time in american history we are on the wrong side, the ax sit power globally and we are on the wrong side internally. i never thoughtsi i'd see this day come. okay. i know you think you know american history pretty well, but you don't. this is a guy who thinks a claus in the constitution that protected slavery was actually a tax on immigrants. this is a guy who said he thought thomas paine was opposed to the redistribution of wealth. this is a guy who does not realize nearly all of joe mccarthy 's victims were in the government. and this is a guy who for everything and every day is armageddon. it confuses his little mind, he screams. i think we may need a new nickname for him. car alarm , car alarm beck. but our winner, mayor russell wiseman of allerton, tennessee, a suburb of memphis. apparently it's small enough to be suffering from a severe politician shortage. in a conspiracy theory from which glenn beck would recoil, mr. wiseman has posted on his facebook page the following. "this is total crap. we sit the kids down to watch "the charlie brown christmas special" and our muslim president is there. what a load. try to convince me that wasn't done on purpose." the mayor of a place where they wear shoes and everything. he thinks the president of the united states sent 30,000 more troops to afghanistan so he could preempt the telecast of "a charlie brown christmas presidentchristmas." he also said the president should move to a muslim country . let's get back to the assertion by mayor wiseman whose brother is the chair of the tennessee republican party that the president conspired to keep russell wiseman and all the little wisemans from ever seeing "a charlie brown christmas ," which has now seen on network television every year since 1965 , which you can get on a dvd from amazon for $9.83 or less if you buy used, which you can get as a download from itunes for ten bucks. seriously. you're a grown up who can brush your own teeth and you think this is deliberate, mayor? an obama plot to keep your kids from seeing "a charlie brown christmas ." did anyone tell you abc is running it tomorrow night and next tuesday night? do they not pay you $9.83 with, sir? have you seen a psychiatrist lately, mayor? have you checked to see if your head is still attached at the shoulders or if it kind of swings lose when there's a strong breeze. it's a plot! a plot to keep your kids hearing linus read the nativity story from luke. mayor russell wiseman from tennessee, who also may believe in brownies and elves. today's worst person in the world!

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