Submitted by Anonymous
Ghandi in the shelter.
Submitted by Robyn Bernstein
Mrs. Bernstein's Bears
Submitted by Carlton Bharrat
My wife owns a Caribbean Restaurant (De Island Breeze) in Somerset NJ. We will be serving dinner on Christmas day to about 100 people.
Submitted by Anonymous
as I appear at Santa's Castle in Storm Lake, Iowa
Submitted by Anonymous
Stockings for SFC Sanchez and 19 of his best buddies at FOB Gary Owen
Submitted by Siduri Douglass
This is Nelson
Submitted by Anonymous
Student prepares for an elbow break.
Submitted by Anonymous
This is a picture of me running doggie railroad to get a dog from a kill shelter to a forever home. I was going to try to upload some of the pics from the service men and women over seas and some of their letters, but I couldn't figure out how to get them in the computer and up loaded on here, and as you can see I do stuff everyday during the Month of December for someone else. Thats what makes my christmas. Hope everyone else starts doing the same.
Submitted by Catherine Johns
The attached photographs were taken at drum circle during a celebration for the Lost Boys at the University of San Diego, in November, 2009.
Submitted by Kristin Fisher
PinWheel of Ferret SleepSacks ready to be mailed out.
Submitted by Bill Holton
Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas from a one room school house in Sunizona, Arizona
Submitted by Josh Johnson
Hand Carved Stone Pet Memorial - Sales benefit animal rescue and other animal organizations.
Submitted by Bea Lovejoy
Dr. Bea Lovejoy, a psychotherapist offering counseling sessions FREE to everyone who calls.
Submitted by Jane Miller
6 Large Warm Blankets Ready for Someone In Need.
Submitted by Ann Mitchell
Ann at Work
Submitted by Shae Warzocha
Our hotel extras added up.
Submitted by Anne Thomas
A small sampling of our good deeds (one of ten displays for our Christmas party).
Submitted by Rachalel Taylor
Shawn, Rachael and Boris Taylor next to Habitat house
Submitted by S T
The Boulder Valley Humane Society
Submitted by Deborah Sampson
Here is a picture of Dr Deborah Sampson (me-on the left)and Dr Annie Kao (on the right) with a 'resident' (actually my spouse)- at the Robert J. Delonis Center Health Clinic in Ann Arbor Michigan.
Submitted by Tom Roberts
A decorated oryx, all ready for gifting.
Submitted by Krista Richardson
Baskets organized and ready to be delivered or picked up.
Submitted by Craig Randolph
Season's Greeting
Submitted by Anonymous
Powe family. There is hope after loss.
Submitted by Anonymous  /  Susan Phillips
Mark and Wendell Presgrave with some of the collected food.
Submitted by Ron Melancon
Zacgary and Jo ann getting the gift for US Wardogs
Submitted by Patricia Gonzalez
I am attaching you the picture of the lady and her three sons and an extra two. The toys will be shipped this saturday and will be distributed Dec. 22,2009


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