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But which ones are — drum roll, please — the Happiest of the Year? Well, the tally is in, and here are the Top 10 Happiest Stories of 2009, as measured by the numbers of times site users clicked on them.

Read them all — they're bound to warm your heart during this cold end-of-year weather. In fact, we're so sure that you'll want to read more of these positive postings that we've included 10 more of our personal favorites.

A very happy holiday season to you from the editors of Wonderful World!


The envelope, please:

1: Homeless brothers in line to inherit billions
Hungarian cave-dwellers could split grandmother's $6.6 billion fortune

2: S.C. retiree is $260 million Powerball winner
Former state employee says he doesn't think the money will change him

3: 'Hard to believe': Wallet returned after 63 years
Memories flood back for man, 78, after discovery behind gym bleachers

4: Toddler caught after 40-foot fall from window
2 men hailed as ‘heroes’ for preventing 18-month-old from hitting ground

5: Fireman dresses as Spider-Man to rescue boy
Comic-loving autistic kid on balcony had refused to let others near him

6: Inmates baby-sit tot found alone on highway
They shared lunch and laughs with little one who was teen sister's charge

7: S.D. rancher claims $232.1 million Powerball
23-year-old man bought $15 worth of tickets in nearby town of Winner

8: Woman wins house after husband laid off
She bought the raffle ticket to celebrate couple's 16th anniversary

9: Diver finds lost wedding ring — 16 months later
New Zealander had promised wife he would find her band in murky harbor

10: Grandma delivers baby, Thanksgiving dinner
Mass. woman raced to save turkey after daughter gave birth 2 weeks early

  1. Parrot gets award for warning about choking tot
    Willie repeatedly yelled ‘Mama, baby’ and flapped wings to alert babysitter
  2. Wedding ring found amid 10 tons of trash
    ‘I think it was a miracle,’ relieved woman says after retrieval in N.J. dump
  3. Dog found 9 years on, 1,200 miles away
    What has Muffy been doing? ‘Nobody knows,’ Australian official says
  4. Boy Scout returns purse with nearly $2,000
    North Carolina boy finds handbag on riverbank; gives $40 of reward to mom
  5. Wallet stolen in 1982 found in NYC tree
    Only thing missing is $20 in cash, owner says
  6. Man's next blood donation will be gallon No. 40
    New York print shop operator began donating blood 58 years ago
  7. Utah, Hawaii, Wyoming top ‘happiness’ poll
    Survey rated such variables as mental, physical and economic health
  8. Ariz. woman finds taxi driver is a kidney match
    Donor cabbie says giving the organ is a ‘whole new kind of lift’
  9. He wins $20,580 (in real money) at Monopoly
    Smart property deals give Norwegian, 19, victory at world championship
  10. Vt. man wins big after pulling ticket from trash
    He sifts through garbage after accidentally tossing it — and wins $650,000

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