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Lean U.S. missions to Mars, Jupiter moon recommended

Robotic missions to Mars and Jupiter's icy moon Europa should top NASA's to-do list for an upcoming decade of planetary exploration, the National Research Council recommended on Monday.Full story

Jupiter moon’s ocean is rich in oxygen

There may be enough oxygen in the waters of Jupiter's moon Europa to support millions of tons worth of fish, according to a new study. Full story

Antarctic diving robot practices for Europa

Evidence found by NASA's Galileo spacecraft of an ocean on Europa put the giant Jovian moon on the A-list of worlds worth investigating for signs of extraterrestrial life. Full story

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Rare arctic springs hold clues to Jupiter's moon

Mars or Europa? Which could show life first?

Moon of Jupiter could support life

Four types of habitable planets proposed

Mini subs to search for life on Earth and beyond

Jupiter's moon scarred by wandering poles

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