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U.S. pushes Iraq to decide on troop extension

Months before the United States is due to complete its withdrawal from Iraq, Washington is stepping up pressure on Iraqi leaders to decide whether U.S. troops should stay to help fend off a still-potent insurgency.Full story

Iraq, U.S. officials say attack bore signs of Qaeda

A bloody siege at a provincial council headquarters in Saddam Hussein's hometown in which 58 people were killed bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda militants, Iraqi and U.S. officials said on Wednesday. Full story

Iraq PM demands Kurdish forces leave disputed city

Iraq's prime minister asked the Kurdistan Regional Government Thursday to remove thousands of troops surrounding the oil-rich northern city of Kirkuk without central government permission, a cabinet source said. Full story

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Iraq tries to soothe anger as Mideast unrest grows

Iraqi premier says will give up half his salary

Twelve insurgents escape from prison in Iraq's Basra

Analysis: Iraq cleric's clout does not bode well for U.S.

Women press for more jobs in new Iraqi cabinet

Snap Analysis: Big challenges ahead for new Iraq government


  New EU rules endanger Middle East peace process

New labeling rules from the European Union could endanger the latest attempts at Middle East peace. Israel has reacted angrily to an EU instruction not to put "Made in Israel" on things produced in Jewish settlements in the West Bank - because the settlements are illegal.

  Egyptians Call for Ouster of President Morsi

In a second day of massive rallies, protestors ransacked the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters, reports CNBC's Yousef Gamal El-Din, reporting the latest detail on the unrest in the Middle East.