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Report predicts ever-bigger Lake Erie algae blooms

It was the largest algae bloom in Lake Erie's recorded history — a scummy, toxic blob that oozed across nearly one-fifth of the lake's surface during the summer and fall of 2011. It sucked oxygen from the water, clogged boat motors and washed ashore in rotting masses that turned beachgoers' stomachsFull story

Bitter cold wreaks havoc across the country

  With some drivers forced to drive in near white-out conditions, ice dunes forming across Lake Erie and snowplows working overtime, many residents across the country are experiencing snowy winter wonderlands. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

Woman recovers ring from bottom of Lake Erie

  Anyone who's ever lost a piece of jewelry knows how upsetting it can be, but for one bride-to-be to lose an engagement ring at the bottom of Lake Erie, was devastating.

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  Ohio island turned into a winter wonderland

In Whiskey Island, Ohio, high winds and frigid temperatures have blown water up from Lake Erie, covering a light house and other navigation markers in layers of ice.

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Dead fish on Lake Erie beach
Dead fish on Lake Erie beach

These fish are among the tens of thousands found dead on 25 miles of Lake Erie beaches in Canada's Ontario Province.

Nikki Shipley, right, and Mike Todd, left, relax in a truck along Lake Erie during the warm weather in Buffalo, N.Y., Tuesday, March 20, 2012.