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Mars meteorite craters: Make mine a double

What could be worse a meteorite hitting you? Two meteorites hitting you, at the same time!Full story

Moon's scars reveal troubled childhood

Impact craters on the surface of the moon tell the tale of a troubled, violent childhood that may have continued into the moon's adolescence -- a history shared, but obliterated, on Earth. Full story

NASA probe sees changing seasons on Mercury

A NASA spacecraft has spotted what appears to be changing seasons on Mercury and found much more iron on the surface of the small, rocky planet than previously thought. Full story

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Latvian meteorite crater was hoax

Mercury’s bright spot gets an up-close photo

Did cosmic blast kill first Americans?

Huge impact crater discovered on Mercury

Lava fractures suggest Martian floods

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Tempel 1
Tempel 1

Craters can be seen on the surface of Comet Tempel 1 in this image, captured during the Stardust-NExT probe's flyby on Monday.

Figure 3: A lunar topographic map showing the Orientale basin , the largest young impact basin on the Moon. This young basin formed from a projectile that impacted the Moon about 3.8 billion years ago, and penetrated deeply into the lunar crust, ejecting millions of cubic kilometers of material into

Rayed crater
Rayed crater

This image shows a small rayed impact crater, about 160 meters in diameter, in the Tharsis region in the northern hemisphere of Mars.Relatively recent impacts form rays of ejecta that spray out radially from the crater. In addition to relatively fine material, large boulders and smaller seconda