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  Iconic T. rex celebrates 10 years in Chicago

Correction: Dinosaur Cleaning story

In a story May 12 about a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton at Chicago's Field Museum, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the celebration of the exhibit's 10th anniversary at the museum ends in early December. The celebration runs until Labor Day. Full story

Field Museum cleans T. rex Sue for her anniversary

One of the world's most famous dinosaurs is getting a cleaning before the celebration of her 10th anniversary begins at Chicago's Field Museum. Full story

42,000 year old baby turns heads

  The world's best-preserved example of a baby woolly mammoth takes center stage at a new exhibit on ICE Age mammals at Chicago's Field Museum. NBC's Patrice Fletcher has details.

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Ancient animals escape warming in Antarctica

T. rex for sale: Dinosaur fossil on block in Vegas

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