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John Paul honored at vigil on eve of beatification

Thousands of young people flooded an ancient Roman field Saturday for an all-night prayer vigil honoring Pope John Paul II on the eve of his beatification, remembering his teachings, travels and his own suffering.Full story

Gypsies take refuge in ancient Rome church

Some 150 Gypsies whose camp was dismantled have taken refuge in one of Rome's most ancient basilicas, creating a standoff Saturday with city officials trying to get them out. Full story

Amazing discovery made under Italian garbage dump

  An ancient Roman mausoleum has been discovered under an illegal dumping ground in Naples, Italy.'s Al Stirrett reports.

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Highest-paid athlete hailed from ancient Rome

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Warning: Ancient sex on show in Paris

Experts find source of Rome’s aqueduct

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Rome unveils ancient luxury complex

Exhibit showcases paintings of ancient Rome

Roman ruins survive thanks to volcanic ash

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