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"Sextortionist" Gets 40 Years Behind Bars

The man who admitted to coercing dozens of underage girls into performing sex acts on a webcam, was handed a 40-year sentence Wednesday in federal court. Full story

'Cara' Webcam Software Sizes You Up Immediately

NEW YORK — When you converse with someone via webcam, you can probably determine his or her age, sex and level of engagement pretty accurately, even if you've never met before. Now, a new piece of software, called 'Cara,' allows almost any webcam to do the same thing. Full story

Singapore Webcam Strippers Blackmailing Lonely Men

Singaporean men who have sexy online video interactions with strange women may end up being blackmailed after they take off their clothes. Full story

Webcam Spy 'Sextorted' Hundreds of Women, FBI Says

A man who may have coerced as many as 350 women to strip for him via webcam has been arrested by the FBI on federal computer-hacking charges. Full story

Rossen reports: Criminals use webcams for spying

   Authorities are saying criminals can now hack into your webcam remotely, using it to watch your most intimate moments without you ever knowing. NBC’s Jeff Rossen investigates how you can protect yourself and your family.

Best New Desktop Computers for Your Business

Today's all-in-one desktop computers mix cutting-edge tech, svelte style and gorgeous displays. Full story

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IT Worker Admits Hacking Webcam, Spying on Female Colleagues

Excellent Idea of the Day: Cheap Classroom Polls


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TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY NATHALIE ALONSO A webcam is positioned in front of a danger sign on June 28, 2013 in Paris. A new type of crook hunts its victims on the web, pushing them to erotic games in front of their webcam before blackmailing them with the videos. AFP PHOTO / LIONEL BONAVENTURELIONE