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Pathological Internet Use May Cause Teen Depression

Using the Internet pathologically, to the point where the behavior resembles an addiction, might put teens at risk for depression, according to a new study. Full story

Big changes proposed in psychiatric diagnoses

Don't say "mental retardation" — the new term is "intellectual disability." No more diagnoses of Asperger's syndrome — call it a mild version of autism instead. And while "behavioral addictions" will be new to doctors' dictionaries, "Internet addiction" didn't make the cut. Full story

Newsweek: Internet addiction left my brother homeless

We all kid about being hooked on Facebook, but it doesn't really seem like the kind of thing anybody would need to go to rehab for. But I've believed for a while that Internet addiction, while controversial, is real. It's why my brother has been homeless for most of his adult life.

Addicted to the Internet? There’s rehab for that

A center called reSTART claims to be the first residential treatment center for Internet addiction in the U.S., and it's  just opened its doors in Fall City, Wash., not far from  Microsoft's headquarters. Full story

Internet addiction treatment center opens

   Aug. 21: China, South Korea and Japan have several already, and now the first in-patient treatment center for Internet addiction is launching in Washington State. KING-TV's Jane McCarthy reports.

Hooked on the Web

   Aug. 21: A new rehab center for Internet addiction has opened in Washington, offering treatments for Web surfing, gaming, texting and video game abuse. Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with a Dr. Hilarie Cash, director of the program and Ben Alexander, a client.

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Internet Addicts Receive Treatment In Beijing
Internet Addicts Receive Treatment In Beijing

BEIJING - JULY 6: A young Chinese internet addict receives an electroencephalogram check at the Beijing Military Region Central Hospital July 6, 2005 in Beijing, China. The clinic, the country's first government-approved facility geared toward curing Internet addicts, has treated more than 300 addi