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  How is the Obama administration handling the Oklahoma tragedy?

Obama vows to take executive action

  In his State of the Union address the president addressed a few executive orders he may take. The Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd takes a “deep dive” into the meaning of executive powers. He’s joined by former Senator Tom Daschle, D-S.D.

Did Romney, Obama miss the point of the town hall?

  Former Sen. Tom Daschle and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele debate whether the candidates were too focused on attacking each other that they missed the point of the town hall – to connect and empathize with voters.

The relationship between two presidents

  Tom Daschle shares his thoughts on how the bond between President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton has evolved throughout the years.

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  Supreme Court healthcare ruling expected soon

Tom Daschle, former senate majority leader, joins MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss the potential decision of the Supreme Court on President Obama’s healthcare bill, expected to come any day now.

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