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Babies Understand Might Makes Right

Babies understand that might makes right by the time they're 10 months old, according to a new study. The findings suggest infants have a sophisticated understanding of social interactions even before they learn to walk. Full story

7-Month-Old Babies Show Awareness of Others' Viewpoints

Infants as young as 7 months can take into consideration the perspective of others, a new study suggests. Full story

Why Are Religious People Happier?

Religious people tend to report more life satisfaction, and a new study explains why. Full story

Genuine, Open-Mouthed Laughter Appreciated Most

When you laugh, the whole world laughs with you -- as long as your sentiment is genuine, your vocal chords are engaged, and your mouth is open. Full story

How to Add a Social Media Toolbar to Your Website

No need to redirect your visitors; bring the best social media features to your site. Full story

Secret relationship cues revealed

Human social interactions are shaped by more than just words and gestures. Factors such as smell and proximity, and even temperature, all influence how people relate to one another and can affect their behavior. Full story

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