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BluetagMe Wants to Put Cheap Bluetooth Leash on Everything

Little things get lost — a lot. And in this world of miniaturization, there are ever more little things. For a few years now, companies have been providing wireless "leashes" that send out Bluetooth signals that a smartphone app can use to hunt them down. Full story

TomTom Rider motorcycle GPS gets refresh, for those born to be guided

It seems a safe bet that any contemporary Easy Rider reboot would be vastly different from its predecessor. For one thing, there's the whole GPS thing to contend with -- and surely there'd be a little friendly product placement in the form of the TomTom Rider (New Orleans isn't gonna find itself, a Full story

Seas0nPass jailbreak and aTV Flash (black) version arrive for Apple TV 5.2, bring Bluetooth keyboard compatibility

Cupertino finally saw fit to give users access to Bluetooth keyboards when it rolled out version 5.2 for Apple TV. It took a bit of time, but the folks at Firecore have finished up the Seas0nPass jailbreak for the new OS iteration. Along with the jailbreak, a revised version of its aTV Flash (black Full story

RetroSound's Bluetooth-enabled in-dash radio for classic cars now up for grabs

Sure, slamming an 8-track into your vintage car may give it the look and feel of yesteryear, but it'd also bring the frustration inherent in outdated media. Cue RetroSound's freshly-available Model Two: an in-dash radio that pairs classic looks with modern features. According to Retro Sound, the Mo Full story

Jawbone buys Massive Health and Visere to boost app design for wearables

Jawbone has been making real progress on the software for its tentative steps into wearable technology like the Up bracelet, but it's safe to say there's some room to grow. The company might just feel the same way in the wake of two key acquisitions centered on app interfaces and design. It just bo Full story

Bluetooth Glove Lets You 'Talk to the Hand'

The phrase "Italian gloves" may bring to mind images of fine leather expertly tailored, not a knitted glove that someone can talk to. But that's the appeal of hi-Call, a pair of gloves with a fully functioning Bluetooth-enabled headset in the left hand. Full story

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Bluetooth Stickers Track Your Stuff

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