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Google Strikes Back Against ‘Poisoned’ Search Results

A Google search can be a risky undertaking. Many users will click one of the first links that shows up in the search results, and few think twice about whether or not a link may lead to spam or malware. Full story

Google to give $1.25M to Nelson Mandela Foundation

Internet search giant Google said it is working with the Nelson Mandela Foundation to publish thousands of never-before-seen documents belonging to the anti-apartheid icon through a $1.25 million grant given to Mandela's foundation Tuesday. Full story

Charlie Sheen malware could mean not 'winning'

Charlie Sheen's everywhere this week, but the one place you don't want him is in your computer. Cyber criminals and mischief-makers, realizing the actor is getting lots of online clicks as he's featured on websites, videos and even on Twitter and Twitpic, may try to lure you to click on a search eng Full story

Google Cracks Down on Search Manipulators

   CNBC's Herb Greenberg has the details on the companies Google feels may be manipulating its search engine.

Google targets "content farms" in search tune-up

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Google Inc made substantial changes to its search engine in a direct attack on companies that churn out low-quality stories and videos. Full story

Google tweaks search to punish 'low-quality' sites

Google says it has tweaked the formulas steering its Internet search engine to take the rubbish out of its results. The overhaul is designed to lower the rankings of what Google deems "low-quality" sites. Full story

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China launches sanitized state-run search engine

New EU antitrust complaint against Google

China Mobile and Xinhua launch Internet search engine

Google's travel deal faces regulatory turbulence

Google CEO says tried hard to woo Nokia

NYT: How companies game Google's search

Google and EU in antitrust resolution talks: source

Google accuses Microsoft of cheating on search

Demand Media moves ahead with $112.5 million IPO says Yahoo's Bing deal hurts revenue


  China blocks 'Egypt' search terms

Concerned over the protests in Cairo, China blocked terms related to 'Egypt' from search engines and Twitter-like services. Msnbc's Contessa Brewer reports.

  Internet medicine: Trustworthy or deceiving? 

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC News chief medical editor, warns about the often unreliable world of e-health and answers viewers’ questions on how to use Internet medicine as a tool.

  Google unveils new way to search

Google unveiled "Google Instant" today, which streams real-time predictive search results. Hear from Ben Gomes, one of Google's designers.

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(FILES)The logo of internet search engin
(FILES)The logo of internet search engin

The logo of internet search engine company Google at the headquarters in Mountain View in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco, in this 05 June 2005 file photo. Google on January 11, 2011 launched its first ever global science fair for young people aged 13 to 18, with the grand prize being a trip