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Wild Cat Mimics Monkey Sounds to Capture Prey

One wild cat species goes beyond physical camouflage to capture its prey it disguises its voice, mimicking the calls of its victims, a new study finds. Full story

For online 'super reviewers' rewards go offline

Damien Smith leans in to hug Mairead Kelly. They have never met, but he has read her reviews dozens of times. "I can finally put a face to the person. She's a great writer," Smith said, sampling some squid ink risotto and moving between groups of smiling online friends. Full story

Amazon launches UK grocery website

U.S. online retailer Amazon has launched a grocery website in Britain, offering customers products from companies including Kraft, Pepsi and Proctor & Gamble. Full story

Amazon went down yesterday — but why?

Amazon was "experiencing an issue," third-party merchants advised yesterday. Yet we still don't know why. Full story

Amazon to acquire online store Woot Inc said on Wednesday it signed an agreement to acquire online store, which sells discounted products and operates an online community, for an undisclosed sum. Full story

Silva: 'Gringo' outsiders keep nose out of Amazon

Brazil's president has blasted "gringo" outsiders for protesting a planned hydroelectric dam to be built in the Amazon. Full story

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Angler catches piranha in British pond

Amazon spent $540,000 on 1Q lobbying efforts

Cruises for people who hate ... cruises

Red Tape: Is Amazon peeking over Kindle users’ shoulders?

Is Amazon peeking over Kindle user's shoulders?

Bloodshed next over Amazon dam?

Ecuador, air/7 nights, from $1,199

Amazon unveils global version of Kindle DX

Delayed Nook e-readers mean gift certificates

Apple tablet computer may arrive by March


  Second Derivatives Trade

Why investors should watch the Amazon trade.

  Amazon to Amaze?

A look ahead of Amazon's earnings.

  "Amazon Tax": A Money Maker?

Ann Holley, of KPMG, discusses taxing online retailers like Amazon, and the potential impact on state budget deficits.

  AMZN Blinks In Publisher Price Row

Amazon faces off with publisher MacMillan over book prices and blinks, with CNBC's Julia Boorstin.

  E-Book Price Wars

Amazon has used $9.99 as the default price for all e-books, with CNBC's Julia Boorstin.

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A picture taken on August 24, 2006 at Nantes-Saint Nazaire harbor, western France, shows trunks of exotic wood. The European Union banned on July 7, 2010 illegally-harvested timber in a bid to protect forests from the Amazon to Asia, fight climate change and ensure that furniture comes from legal w