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Post office sales of gift cards approved

The post office has a green light to try selling gift cards. Full story

Amway settles suit, to replace $20M in gift cards

Amway has agreed to redeem more than $20 million in gift cards to settle a lawsuit claiming they improperly included a redemption date. Full story

Post office to test sales of gift cards in May

The post office wants to get into the gift card business. Full story

Retailers try to keep holiday momentum going

   From balmy Miami to snow-bound Virginia and across the country, retailers expect to make up to 15 percent of their year’s sales between the day after Christmas and the end of 2010. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

When Giving a Gift Comes With a Cost

A familiar post-holiday ritual sees people head once more for the stores to return unwanted gifts or spend their gift cards. But gift-givers might save a lot grief by simply asking what the recipient wants in the first place, if not just handing over a wad of cash. Full story

Ikea gives employees bikes (assembly required)

This holiday season, some employees will get a bonus, others will get a restaurant gift card and a few may even get a nice bottle of liquor. Ikea’s U.S. employees will get to assemble themselves a brand new bike. Full story

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  Shopping with more confidence this season

According to a recent report by the Consumer Federation of America, 57% of American shoppers plans to spend as much if not more than they did last year.  Scott Gamm, founder of the website ‘’, provides tips for safer and smarter shopping.