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Conservation Group Lists 10 Most Endangered US Rivers

The environmental group American Rivers has released its annual list of the 10 most endangered rivers in the United States, with the Colorado River topping the list. The river is threatened by outdated water-management techniques that allow an unsustainable amount of water to be taken out of the riv Full story

Grand Canyon Country Reveals Jaw-Dropping Scenery

A jagged scar etched in copper-colored rocks, the Colorado River's channel curls through one of the world's most scenic landscapes. Full story

Theory of Grand Canyon flood debunked

Could the origins of the Grand Canyon lie in an enormous flood? Full story

Beaches back after Grand Canyon floods

Sandy beaches have reappeared more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) downstream of Glen Canyon Dam, an early measure of success for a massive flood last week designed to rebuild habitat along the Colorado River in the iconic Grand Canyon. Full story

Grand Canyon flooded to rebuild beaches

The Colorado River cascaded in a flood from the Glen Canyon Dam Monday, the first step in an ongoing experiment to rebuild beaches and fish habitat in the iconic Grand Canyon. Full story

Restorative Flood in Grand Canyon Starts Sunday Night

The Colorado River will gush at flood stage starting Sunday night (Nov. 18), giving rafters a rare thrill and hopefully restoring beaches and native fish habitat in the Grand Canyon. Full story

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Rafters on the Colorado River
Rafters on the Colorado River

Boaters on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park near Grand Canyon, Arizona.