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In Romney plan, oil drilling unfettered by politics

(Reuters) - In unveiling his energy policy on Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tapped into the oil industry's giddy optimism about shale drilling to paint a rosy picture of U.S. economic renaissance fueled by hydrocarbons.Full story

Rep. Waxman: Ryan's Budget Cuts to Clean Energy Programs

  Rep. Henry Waxman, (D-CA), says Paul Ryan's budget plan would starve clean energy programs. "It's the wrong direction," he says.

U.S. lawmakers launch Wal-Mart bribery probe

(Reuters) - Two Democratic U.S. lawmakers on Monday said they were launching an investigation into allegations of bribery at Wal-Mart Stores Inc's Mexican affiliate. Full story

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FBI raids solar firm that got $535M US loan

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