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AP IMPACT: Vatican probes group tied to scandal

It's a life regimented in excruciating detail, down to the way they eat an orange. Silence is the norm, information is limited, e-mail is screened, close friendships are discouraged and family members are kept at bay — all in the name of God's will.Full story

Vatican probes disgraced order's cultish lay group

Cult-like conditions endured by Catholics affiliated with the Legionaries of Christ have so alarmed Pope Benedict XVI that in May he ordered an extremely rare full Vatican investigation of the obscure group. Full story

Nashville nuns lead nation in number of newcomers

A handful of Roman Catholic convents are contradicting the decades-long slide in the number of women choosing to devote their lives to the sisterhood. And at least two of them are doing it by sticking to tradition, including the wearing of habits. Full story

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