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  Expanding ranks, air marshals mind unfriendly skies

Times Square attempted bomber to appear in court

  Former air marshal instructor and CIA paramilitary officer Jamie Smith talks about the security issues around Faisal Shahzad in court, and what authorities may be learning about other targets he had in mind.

At airports, keep taking those shoes off — for now

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Tuesday that technology currently available doesn't allow screeners to adequately examine what is in someone's shoes while the person is wearing them. Full story

Government moves to better secure air travel

  Jan. 7: The U.S. government is undertaking several steps to improve the security of air travel – including a boost to the number of air marshals, better detection for hidden hazardous material, and improved systems at airports. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

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Obama says anti-terror ‘buck’ stops with him

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