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  Making science class accurate and interesting

A 3-D look at universe of 11 billion years ago

The largest-ever three-dimensional map of the distant universe has been created using the light of the brightest objects in the cosmos. Full story

Alien bacteria could breed in extreme 'hypergravity'

If alien life is out there, it may be able to exploit more-extreme environments than scientists think, because huge gravitational forces don't seem to pose much of a problem for microbes. Full story

Earth From Space: An Astronaut's Quest to Protect Our 'Fragile Oasis'

From 220 miles above Earth on the International Space Station, American astronaut Ron Garan certainly has a unique perspective of our home planet. Full story

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Amateur videos spinning asteroid that 'winks'

Alien Worlds Could Circle Dying White Dwarf Stars

Sun Fades Away in Spectacular Eclipse Photo

Will GPS Systems Be Affected by Japan's Earthquake?

Space music: A pennywhistle for your thoughts?

NASA Scientist Explains Science Behind 'Supermoon' Phenomenon

Will March 19 'supermoon' trigger disasters?

Study: 6th mass extinction looms but preventable

13 percent of biology teachers back creationism

Many refuse to give up on manned moon missions


  The pioneering 'housewives' of the space race

Author Lily Koppel tells MSNBC’s Richard Lui about the real-life experiences of the wives of astronauts in the 1960s and 1970s as recounted in her new nonfiction book, “The Astronaut Wives Club.”

  The view from Saturn

A NASA spacecraft has been sending back pictures of the Earth from Saturn, offing a glimpse of home from 900 million miles away. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.