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More Americans apply for jobless benefits

More people applied for unemployment benefits last week, the first increase in three weeks and evidence that the job market is still sluggish. Full story

Strapped states trying to trim jobless benefits

Some of the states that have drained their unemployment insurance funds are cutting the number of weeks that a laid-off worker can count on those benefits. Full story

Good news on Arizona unemployment equals bad news

Gov. Jan Brewer wants legislators to act in special session to prevent a cutoff of 20 weeks of extended unemployment benefits that are now at risk because Arizona's unemployment rate has dropped. Full story

New jobless claims drop for 2nd straight week

Fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week for the second straight week, suggesting that a slow recovery in the job market is continuing. Full story

WALLACE HIRED: A new number two has been appointed at Iowa Workforce Development

The president of an Iowa business trade association has been appointed the no. 2 official at Iowa Workforce Development. Full story

Jobless NC residents speak out about unemployment

Jobless people from Charlotte and other areas are speaking out about the need to extend unemployment benefits. Full story

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Fewer Americans apply for unemployment benefits

Mich. Democrats seek to restore jobless benefits

Unexpected demand draining Ore. unemployment fund

Jobless claims post second rise in 3 weeks

Fewer Americans apply for jobless benefits

Jobless claims rise for first time in 3 weeks

Jobless claims drop more than expected

Jobless claims drop in sign layoffs easing

Weekly jobless claims tally down slightly

Jobs market shows further signs of healing


  'Government has to make up the demand'

Dean Baker, economist and co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research talks with Rachel Maddow about the economic impact of cutting back on unemployment benefits and food stamps and the economically stimulative advantage to giving money to people who need it more and will therefore sp

  Perino rips on the Democrats

Psycho talk: Former Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino criticized Democrats over their lame duck legislative agenda during an appearance on Fox and Friends.

  Hatch remains clueless about unemployment benefits

Psycho talk: On Fox News, Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, complained about the extension of unemployment benefits in the tax cuts bill.

  Sen. Hagan: Debt must be taken seriously

Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., joins the Morning Joe gang to explain why she opposes the president's tax cut compromise.

  Fox judge calls unemployment extension ‘stupidity’

Psycho talk: Watch as Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano rants about unemployment benefits.

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In this April 1, 2011 photo, an unemployed man looks at job listings at JobTrain in Menlo Park, Calif. Fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week, a sign that layoffs are dropping and employers may be hiring more workers.