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Meteor Shower and Eclipses of Sun and Moon to Grace May Sky

A meteor shower and a cosmic "ring of fire" will dominate the night sky this month. Full story

Lunar eclipse prompts dip in Ganges River

   Hindu devotees take a dip in India's Ganges River to wash away sins following a partial lunar eclipse.'s Dara Brown reports.

'Pink' Full Moon Brings Lunar Eclipse Thursday

Update: See the first photos of Thursday's partial lunar eclipse by stargazers here: Lunar Eclipse Photos: Full Moon of April 2013 Full story

Lunar Eclipse Darkens Full Moon Wednesday: Watch Online

Editor's Note: The Slooh webcast of today's eclipse has been canceled due to bad weather at the observation sites. Full story

Solar, lunar eclipses star in November skies

November's a good month for celestial shadow play. Stargazers will get two eclipses in about as many weeks, the first a dazzling total solar eclipse that will showcase the sun's corona approaching peak activity, and the second a subtler lunar eclipse that will be visible across much of the United St Full story

Partial lunar eclipse kicks off June's sky sights

The first lunar eclipse of the year will occur next week when the full moon passes behind Earth, casting a shadow over a large expanse of the lunar surface. Full story

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Geminid Meteor Shower Wows Skywatchers Despite Bright Moon

Geminid meteor shower may be moonstruck

Lunar Eclipse Stuns Skywatchers with Bright Red Moon

An 'impossible' sight during lunar eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse Visible to North America Saturday

A month of amazing skywatching sights

'Stealth' Solar Eclipse Occurs Friday

Total lunar eclipse coincides with tonight's full moon

Longest Total Lunar Eclipse in 11 Years Occurs Wednesday

Very long total lunar eclipse coming Wednesday


  Don’t miss Saturday’s total lunar eclipse

Millions of people will be watching for the moon to go dark on Saturday, during the last total lunar eclipse until 2014. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

  Dec. 9: Nightly News Friday broadcast

Anti-Newt sentiment growing among GOPers; Newt is known for fighting back; ‘Do-nothing’ Congress has unfinished business; Russian opposition to stage large Saturday protest; Missing ex-FBI agent pleads for help; Hospital fire kills dozen in India; EU negotiates new treaty; Traveling across the count

  Eclipse dazzles skywatchers worldwide

Yesterday's lunar eclipse was the longest in more than a decade.'s Dara Brown reports.

  Eclipse in a minute

Time-lapse video photography shows the progress of the lunar eclipse toward totality over South Africa.

  Lunar eclipse delivers solstice special

The lunar eclipse coincided with the winter solstice, a rare event that hasn't occurred in centuries. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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Australian astrophotographer Andrew Wall captured images of the moon before and during the penumbral lunar eclipse (left and right, respectively).

Before and during penumbral lunar eclipse
Before and during penumbral lunar eclipse

Australian astrophotographer Rob Kaufman captured a pre-eclipse picture of the moon at 12:00 GMT Wednesday , as well as a picture at maximum eclipse at 14:34 GMT .


Earth casts a sharp shadow on the moon's disk during the height of Monday's partial lunar eclipse, as seen from Wichita, Kan.

A participant peers through a telescope
A participant peers through a telescope

A participant peers through a telescope to view a partial lunar eclipse in Jakarta on June 4, 2012. The first partial lunar eclipse of the year provided dramatic scenes across Asia late June 4, with a clear moon visible to many as the event unfolded. AFP PHOTO/OSCAR SIAGIANOSCAR SIAGIAN/AFP/GettyIma