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Colo. college student injured by chemical reaction

Authorities say a Front Range Community College student has been taken to a hospital after she suffered burns while diluting a chemical in a jewelry studio classroom. Full story

Walnuts have double the antioxidants than other nuts

To fight free radicals that can damage our body's cells and cause disease, walnuts are the top nut to eat, according to new research. Full story

Why batteries die

Inside almost every gadget lurks a ticking time bomb. In two years, or maybe three or four, it will die, rendering your gadget useless. Possibly permanently. So, what are these awful little buggers? They're called batteries. Full story

An answer to why Van Gogh's yellows mellowed

High-tech analysis is showing why impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh's bright yellows are turning to dull browns. The chemical finding could help restorers preserve the 200-year old paintings. Full story

Can blocking one gene lead to weight loss?

  Scientists have identified a chain of chemical reactions that begins with one gene and prompts the body to absorb fat. Full story

Scientists freeze enzymes and learn how we react to drugs

Medications affect some people differently than others, and a new study could help scientists understand why, possibly leading to the more-efficient design and production of pharmaceuticals. Full story

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Saturn Moon's Atmosphere May Hold Ingredients for Life

Microbe goes to extremes to live

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