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Heart risk factors high in young Indian adults: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - More and more, young urban adults in India are developing obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, suggesting that rising rates of cardiovascular disease could appear in the future, an Indian study said. Full story

Five face murder charges after Florida teen's violent death

Lured to a home by a girl's text message, a 15-year-old central Florida boy was beaten, shot and burned to death by a group of teenagers and young adults, police said on Wednesday. Full story

Poll: Students say high schools are failing

Young adults say high schools are failing to give students a solid footing for the working world or strong guidance toward college,  an Associated Press-Viacom poll says. Full story

Bon Jovi tours Philly shelter for homeless youth

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi may no longer own a sports team in Philadelphia, but he still keeps the city close to his soul. Full story

Poll: Students optimistic despite money doubts

The American dream of life getting better for each new generation feels like a myth to many of today's young adults. Full story

Young parents may let healthy lifestyle slip

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - It might not come as a surprise to busy parents, but a new study suggests that having young children may make it tougher to keep up healthy diet and exercise habits. Full story

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Praise the lard? Religion fosters obesity by middle age

Extreme preemies at risk for asthma as adults

WHO issues guidelines on radiation exposure

Doctors aim to save fertility of kids with cancer

Pot can double psychosis risk, new study says

Tech overload causing kids back, neck problems

Study: Students need more paths to career success

Brain Scans Show How Teens Are More 'Me-First' Than Adults

Kidney stones, clogged arteries may be linked

More young U.S. adults live with parents: study


  New Jersey car crash: A suicide pact?

There is speculation that a car crash at a New Jersey elementary school that killed all three young adults in the vehicle may have been a mass suicide.  NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports. 

  Is hearing loss taking a toll on your family?

Family psychologist Dale Atkins discusses how hearing loss can make communicating a challenge for loved ones of all generations.

  When does adulthood begin?

Author Jeffrey Arnett and psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor discuss why so many young adults seem to be extending their adolescence and are choosing not to leave the nest.

  Credit card reform limits students

Under the new financial reform, a credit card may no longer be an option, because no under 21 can get a credit card without proof they have enough income to cover regular payments. Msnbc's Alex Witt talks with finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich.

  Tackling student debt

Besides student loans, many young adults are graduating with a large amount of credit card debt. Financial expert Farnoosh Torabi offers tips for helping young adults manage their finances.

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