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Greenland Ice Sheet May Vanish Faster Than Thought

It may take less of an increase in global temperatures to melt the ice sheet covering Greenland than thought, new research suggests. Full story

Oceans May Be Speeding Melt of Greenland's Glaciers

Dynamic layers of warm Atlantic and cold Arctic Ocean waters around Greenland may be speeding the melt of the country's glaciers, researchers find. Full story

Records Melt Away on Greenland Ice Sheet

The disappearing Greenland Ice Sheet set several records during an unusually long melt last year, according to a new study. Full story

Meltwater could paradoxically slow glacier flow

It is well established that the glaciers that flow from Greenland's massive ice sheet like rivers of ice are, in some cases, sliding toward the sea much more quickly than they did in the past. Full story

Meltwater from glaciers could warm ice even more

Meltwater flowing through cracks in glaciers and ice sheets could be the secret ingredient responsible for speeding up the warming of the massive blocks of ice and increasing their speed as they move, a new study suggests. Full story

Giant ice island breaks off Greenland

A chunk of ice four times the size of Manhattan has calved from Greenland's Petermann Glacier, scientists announced today. Full story

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‘Dramatic’ ice melt in northwest Greenland

Earth could plunge into sudden ice age


  Greenland ice reveals earth's atmospheric history

Nov. 19: Researcher Vasilii Petrenko explains the science of studying carbon dioxide on the Greenland ice sheet.

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