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  The truth about marriage, pregnancy and kids

Alan Thicke loves son’s ‘Sax Therapy’

  TODAY’s Hoda Kotb welcomes guest host Alan Thicke - famous ’80s TV dad and father to R&B singer Robin Thicke - who jokes about misunderstanding the title of his son’s sensual CD, “Sex Therapy.”

‘Sex Therapy’ with soul’s Thicke

  Soul singer Robin Thicke, who sings the smash hit “Sex Therapy,” heats things up with TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

An ‘e-motional’ affair is just a click away

Technology isn’t just enabling infidelity, it’s accelerating it at record pace — and more of us are increasingly leading “digital double lives.” Sex therapist Ian Kerner explains how to sharpen the blurred line between fantasy and reality. Full story

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Porn is to him what a pedicure is to you

Don’t forget the kale! 10 secrets to wedded bliss

The biggest sex organ? Your brain


  Too tired for sex? How to change that

Oct. 29: TODAY’s Sara Haines hits the streets to find out why some people are too tired for sex. Sexologist Logan Levkoff and sex therapist Ian Kerner weigh in.

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