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Post-9/11 changes to industries outlive bin Laden

Security screening at airports will still be a hassle and raise the cost of travel. Laws that turned banks into financial cops will stay in place. And most companies will still spend more to ship goods and secure their computer systems. Full story

Screener admits role in thefts of air travelers

A supervisor at a New Jersey airport has admitted accepting bribes and kickbacks from a subordinate who stole money from passengers during security screenings. Full story

Newark TSA officer pleads guilty to theft from passengers

A federal security officer at Newark Liberty International Airport pleaded guilty on Monday to accepting bribes and kickbacks from a colleague who regularly stole money from passengers during security screenings, authorities said. Full story

Panel examines price of new screening measures

   Robert Draper, Paul Gigot, Rep.-elect Allen West, R-Fla., and Richard Wolffe discuss the TSA’s enhanced screening techniques.

Pilots get reprieve from new U.S. screening checks

U.S. airline pilots will be allowed to bypass new heightened security screening at U.S. airports, the Transportation Security Administration said on Friday, relenting after a lawsuit and outcry that pilots already undergo rigorous background checks. Full story

TSA battles image problem over body scanner

   At least two passenger rights groups have called for travelers to opt out of the TSA's new security screening methods during the Thanksgiving travel rush. NBC's Tom Costello reports.

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  How do airlines effectively track bags?

Nov. 1: NBC’s Lester Holt spent a day as a baggage handler at American Airlines to find out.

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