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A free farm holiday for those willing to work

It started with an ad on Craigslist: Free holiday on an organic farm on Long Island, work for your keep and enjoy wineries and great beaches nearby.Full story

Animal Tracks: Jan. 10 - 17

  Playful piglets, lettuce-loving lemurs, a bubble-blowing hippo and a splish-splashing robin make for lots of visual candy for animal lovers.

Organic Milk More Nutritious?

Organic milk has more beneficial fats than conventional milk, at least in the United Kingdom, says a new study. Whether these differences are nutritionally significant is less clear. Full story

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Organic Farms Likely To Benefit From Dioxin Scandal
Organic Farms Likely To Benefit From Dioxin Scandal

Young pigs are seen in their pen at the Ebsen organic farm on January 13, 2011 in Langenhorn, Germany. Organic foods retailers are reporting a surge in demand following the recent dioxin contamination scandal sparked by the announcement by the German company Harles and Jentzsch that some of the fatt