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Gather around the nanotubes for TV of future

In a few years, when people ask, "What's on the tube tonight?" they might be making an unintentional pun. That's because researchers have created a new transistor based on carbon nanotubes that could soon light up televisions and other screens. Full story

Polaroid lets Lady Gaga design something

Lady Gaga stood up on stage and proclaimed "This is the camera of the future." This futurecam also happens to be a set of shades with a outward-facing 1.4-inch OLED display under each eye. Funky. Full story

Ulvac sees demand for small OLED panel gear

Japan's Ulvac Inc said on Tuesday that demand for gear used in making small and next-generation OLED display panels for smartphones is strong, making up for a fall in demand for large liquid-crystal display (LCD) equipment. Full story

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A Polaroid Polarez GL20 sunglass camera
A Polaroid Polarez GL20 sunglass camera

A Polaroid Polarez GL20 sunglass camera, part of Lady Gaga's Grey Label line, is displayed during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 6, 2011. The sunglass camera enables the wearer to take photos and display the images on OLED screens in the lenses. Lady Gaga also introduced a Polar