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Behemoth Antarctic Algae Bloom Seen from Space

An enormous algae bloom off the coast of Antarctica is so huge and colorful that it can easily be seen from space. Full story

Birds flying faster than ever due to warming

Wind speeds over the Southern Ocean have been increasing over the past three decades and those stronger winds are boosting birds in the area to faster flying speeds, according to new research. Full story

Albatrosses Soar Easier on Change of Winds

Winds over the Southern Ocean, around the continent of Antarctica, have shifted and picked up in recent decades, giving a lift to foraging albatrosses, scientists say. Full story

12-year-old iceberg's death caught on camera

In mid-December, a NASA satellite snapped an image of the disintegration of a large iceberg that first broke away from Antarctica nearly 12 years ago, and has been wandering the Southern Ocean ever since. Full story

Thrills aplenty on New Zealand's Stewart Island

The Jurassic Park-like island features a combination of fossilized and lush rainforests and clear, pristine bays. Full story

Penguin 'Happy Feet' missing in action

The wayward penguin known as "Happy Feet" is missing in the Southern Ocean. Full story

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Island at Bottom of World Boasts Incredible Biodiversity

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