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  Gyllenhaal takes on 'The Source Code'

'Time traveler' may just be hard of hearing

Speculation about a supposed time traveler talking on her cell phone at a 1928 Hollywood film premiere has sped across the Internet faster than a DeLorean time machine. But a less mind-bending possibility is that she was just hard of hearing, experts say. Full story

Stephen Hawking says time travel should be possible

Humans must continue exploring space, if only for the romance of it, and time travel should be possible, but engineers will have to figure out a way to warp space-time to be sure, famed physicist Stephen Hawking says. Full story

Stephen Hawking's time machine

In an article in the Daily Mail this week, British cosmologist Stephen Hawking outlined not one, but three, theoretically realistic ideas for traveling through time, one of which he says is even practical. Full story

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