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  Naked Cowboy lashes out at rival Naked Cowgirl

John Glenn to NASA: Keep shuttles flying

  TODAY’s Willie Geist talks with former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn about the White House’s plan to nix the NASA space program within the next two years.

Statue of Christ struck by lightning, burned to the ground

  An iconic, 60-foot statue of Jesus Christ was struck by lightning and set ablaze. Willie Geist has the story.

Wedding sets record with 110 bridesmaids

  A bride in Ohio asked all of her young dance students to be in her wedding. Msnbc's Willie Geist reports.

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Willie Geist, Host, 'Way too Early with Willie Geist,' Co-host, 'Morning Joe'

Msnbc Winter Olympics schedule

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  Capsule returns after 4-billion-mile journey

Japanese researchers plan to examine the contents of the probe, which was launched into space seven years ago to gather a sample from an asteriod. Msnbc's Willie Geist reports.

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