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Sperm Whales Full of Pollutants

Sperm whales throughout the Pacific Ocean carry evidence within their bodies of exposure to multiple man-made pollutants, according to a new Environmental Health Perspectives study. Full story

Whales Suffering From Sunburn

Painful sunburns are usually associated with people, but many whales are now acutely sunburned, with cases escalating in recent years, according to new research. Full story

Whale poop cleans the environment

New research has found that a sperm whale's diarrhea-like waste removes carbon from the atmosphere, helping to offset greenhouse gases that have been tied to global warming. Full story

Caught on tape! How whales steal fish

Sneaky sperm whales have been snagging easy meals by stealing black cod from deep-sea fishing lines off Alaska's coast. Now underwater video reveals their secret. Full story

Last whale stranded in Australia dies

The last survivor among a group of 45 sperm whales that became stranded on a remote Australian sandbar died Sunday, ending a long and disappointing rescue effort. Full story

5 more stranded whales die in Australia

Rescuers trying to keep seven stranded whales alive said Friday they were having difficulty navigating sandbars but hoped to move the animals out to sea at the next high tide. Full story

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