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  Can the GOP take 'yes' for an answer?

Obama offers deal to boost jobs

  Tuesday while speaking in Tennessee, President Obama outlined a proposal to cut corporate taxes in return for increased spending to create jobs. NBC’s Peter Alexander has more on the story and Business Insider’s Josh Barro joins The Cycle with his reaction to the speech.

First Read Flash: Grand bargain hope?

In a speech this afternoon in Chattanooga, Tenn., Obama will offer to cut corporate tax rates in exchange for job investments. Plus: NYTimes slams Summers and backs Yellen for Fed Chair and Filner wants the city of San Diego to foot his legal bills. Full story

Time for Pro-Growth Tax Reform!

  America currently has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Dean Baker, Center for Economic & Policy Research, and Dan Mitchell, Cato Institute, discuss former Obama economic adviser Larry Summers' call for corporate tax reforms.

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  How big biz works the tax code

The Up panel discusses why corporate tax reform is long overdue, through the lens of the recent revelation that Apple has been working loopholes in the tax it.