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  Much to celebrate as Mandela turns 95, health improves

‘Ugly, unseemly dispute’ among Mandela’s relatives

  As Nelson Mandela remains in critical but stable condition in the hospital, NBC’s Ron Allen reports on a family feud among Mandela’s relatives over where the South African leader will be buried.

Former Wall Street businessman helps South African townships prosper

  An idealistic Harvard and Oxford graduate left his six-figure job on Wall Street for Africa, where he’s helping one of South Africa’s poorest townships learn how to be entrepreneurs. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

Is Bulger trial destroying the myth behind the man?

  Captured after 16 years on the run, James ‘Whitey’ Bulger is being charged with money laundering, extortion and 19 murders in a trial featuring his former associates, who are testifying against him. Bulger has pleaded not guilty on all counts. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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  Kidnapping victims thank supporters, ask for privacy

The three women who had been imprisoned in a Cleveland home thanked their supporters in a statement and asked for privacy so they could reconnect with their families. NBC's Ron Allen reports.

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