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  1.5 million pilgrims celebrate Pope John Paul II

Just one more miracle before sainthood

  The Catholic church declared the late Pope John Paul II blessed, which means he only needs one more miracle attributed to him before he’ll be made a saint. NBC’s Anne Thompson is in Rome where a million pilgrims celebrated the event.

Fast-tracked sainthood nears completion

  The next-to-last stop on the late Pope John Paul II's path to sainthood is this weekend in Rome, where one million pilgrims are expected to gather. NBC's Anne Thompson reports.

‘Spider-Man’s’ new creative dream team speaks out

  In an exclusive interview with TODAY, the new director and head writers behind a revamped "Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark" discuss how they intend to make the troubled Broadway show fly.

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  One year after Gulf spill, oil remains

Clean-up workers continue to work along Louisiana's coast, scraping up the sticky residue that still plagues Gulf waters and wildlife. NBC's Anne Thompson reports.

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